Brodmann17 opens the world up to the benefits of deep learning vision

Our first-in-class technology allows any device to be cloud-free and truly autonomous

Brodmann17 works to create practical neural-network based algorithms that bring deep-learning vision applications to the mainstream.

In 1909, the neurologist Prof. Brodmann defined the different areas in the human brain. Area 17, also known as Brodmann17, is the part of the brain responsible for processing visual information.

Join Brodmann17 research

We are a team of passionate creative geeks that love deep-learning, and believe that every device has the right to have a sight.

Since we started working together in 2016, some key people joined us from notable companies. We and are constantly looking for likeminded algorithm developers to join us.

The founding team

  • Amir Alush

    Co founder & CTO

  • Adi Pinhas

    Co founder & CEO

  • Assaf Mushinsky

    Co Founder & Chief Scientist


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