Brodmann17 provides the most efficient deep learning vision solution

Perception software for ADAS & autonomous driving

Our story

Brodmann17 was born in 2016, when a team of deep-learning experts came together to accelerate the adoption of AI in our everyday lives. Since then it has created remarkably efficient solutions that can empower any device with deep-learning computer vision, from autonomous vehicles to IoT devices.
The Brodmann17 algorithm utilizes only 5% of computing power, making it the world’s fastest, most efficient and accurate embedded solution. This pioneering patented technology was incepted at the world-renowned AI lab of Tel-Aviv University by the very founders of the company.

Why Brodmann17?

Brodmann17 delivers the world’s most efficient deep neural network algorithms, which can finally bring computer vision applications to the mainstream.

Named after its discoverer, Prof. Korbinian Brodmann, Brodmann area 17 is the part of the brain responsible for processing visual information.
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If you are passionate about the forefront of artificial intelligence, deep learning and computer vision, we are constantly looking for like-minded algorithm developers to join the team.

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Amir Alush Co founder & CTO
Adi Pinhas Co founder & CEO
Assaf Mushinsky Co Founder & Chief Scientist
Ohad Kleinman VP Business Development
Keren Bargay VP Marketing
Eran Eshed Chief Business Officer

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