Brodmann17 ADAS Starter Kit Take the ADAS starter kit for a ride today
A full-fledged ADAS kit with all the hardware and software needed to jumpstart, showcase or enhance your ADAS solution
Brodmann17’s ADAS starter kit hold all the tools for building a great driving experience across different vehicles and variety of features.

A solid starting point for both professionals and newcomers to the automotive industry.

Camera and display can be placed in different locations to experiment applications as: front camera adas, rear camera adas, smart mirror, headlight control or blind.
Pre order now $1,450
The Solution kit includes:
  • Automotive camera, display screen and Brodmann17 ADAS software
  • Software: Linux, Supports deep learning perception with vehicle, pedestrian and lane detection
  • ADAS applications: FCW, LDW and PCW

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