Software only perception for automated driving

Brodmann17 provides a revolutionary
deep-Learning vision software for
embedded devices

Engineered from the ground up without relying on open source, the innovative algorithms (patent pending) offer supreme accuracy at just a fraction of the compute power, producing more AI from any hardware

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Deep learning vision for the edge

Enabling the most advanced deep-learning algorithms to run on embedded devices. A cloud-free environment, hardware agnostic with low latency, no bandwidth and no privacy issues.

Brodmann17 have released a super fast and accurate face detection library that runs efficiently on ARM CPUs.

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From data collection to
perception models

Deep-learning algorithms engineered from the ground up and trained on fully automatic Brodmann17 Cortex Platform

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If you are passionate about artificial intelligence and want to be at the forefront of deep learning and computer vision, we are constantly looking for like-minded algorithm developers to join the team

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