We bring artificial intelligence found in premium vehicles to the mass market

We bring artificial intelligence found in premium vehicles to the mass market

Our story

Brodmann17 was founded in 2016 when a team of deep-learning world-class talents came together to accelerate the adoption of AI in our everyday lives. the technology was already implemented and installed in a commercially available field proven NCAP certified product.


Built from the ground up Patented deep learning technology designed for automotive vision, Brodmann17 provides the world’s most efficient ADAS solution with top accuracy for commodity processors, used by leading tier-1 automotive suppliers and fleet management companies

for both integrated and aftermarket solutions.


The technology significantly improves automated driving systems by optimally balancing performance, accuracy, hardware constraints, and price, creating a golden path towards smarter mobility that is accessible to everyone.


The company was named after the 19th-century researcher, Prof. Brodmann, who identified area number 17 of the human brain as the one responsible for processing visual information.


Our mission is to bring our life-changing technology to the mainstream

The future of transportation will be greatly enhanced by AI technology. Our mission is to accelerate the development and adoption of this important technology by creating affordable AI  solutions which maintain the highest accuracy. This will bring AI found in premium vehicles to the mass market, enabling smarter cars and safer roads.

The team

Adi Pinhas

M.Sc. Co founder & CEO

Inc. 500 CEO, $100m+ sales as founder of Vigilant ‘98 & JustVisual ‘06

Amir Alush

Ph.D. Co founder & CTO

Expert in deep-learning & computer vision. Lead research teams in JustVisual & Adiance 

Assaf Mushinsky

M.Sc. Co founder & CSO

Breakthrough thesis in deep-learning with Prof. Wolf. Formerly Eyesight & Samsung

Ohad Kleinman

MBA VP Sales

Experienced business development & Product management executive. Formerly CEO of Vigilan

Anna Kingsley

Marketing Director

A multi, major award-winning marketer with 30 years’ international business experience. Originally from London, Anna’s led campaigns for global brands, as well as for the last few years Israeli Hi-Tech companies.

Ilan Shaari

CBO Chief Business Officer

Behind the wheel driving Brodmann17’s business strategy and growth engines 

Rob Crawford

US General Manager

Experienced Vice President Sales with a demonstrated history of working in the automotive and technology industries

Maya Friedmann Richter

Head of HR

Over 10 years of HR, People Experience and organizational development experience with a business orientation

Ilan Finci


Experienced R&D manager with over 15 years of building top level teams.

Our investors

AI Aliance

Join Brodmann17 research

If you are passionate about the forefront of artificial intelligence, deep learning and computer vision, we are constantly looking for like-minded algorithm developers to join the team.