Rear/Surround Camera ADAS Software

NCAP-compliant ADAS AI for your specific application

Brodmann17’s smart rear/surround camera ADAS uses groundbreaking AI to provide life-saving alerts with 360 degrees coverage. It is provided either as a complete black-box solution trained on extremely challenging weather conditions and scenarios or tailor-made for your specific application and can be differentiated using your specific SOC and features.  The solution supports fisheye or wide angle cameras RGB/YUV, resolution from QVGA to 4K.

Surround View Perception Building Blocks

A set of fundamental building blocks designed for the industry’s toughest standards. These modules are based on our deep learning vision technology that accurately detects vehicles, pedestrians, and other objects at just a fraction of computing power.

PD (Pedestrian Detection) icon

(Pedestrian Detection)

Lane Departure Warning (LDW) Icon

(Object Detection)

Target tracking icon

Target tracking

OL (Obstructed Lens) icon

(Obstructed Lens)

Object Measurements Icon

Object Measurements

Surround View Functions

A set of NCAP-compliant functions that protects against a variety of accidents. All functions rely on our field-proven ADAS building blocks and have been exhaustively tested and optimized to surpass NCAP minimal requirements.


(rear collision warning) pedestrian/vehicle collision warning


Identifying objects in blindspot areas to ensure safe lane changes

Vailable reference designs

To jumpstart your ADAS product you could choose from a variety of available reference designs

Rear camera




Ambarella CV22/CV2

Camera setup

Mono camera

2-4 cameras

Object distance



Delivering world-class software stack for advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving

Utilizing RGB/YUV

Obstructed lens failsafe funtionalit

Rear wide angle or fisheye camera

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