Embedded deep learning perception software designed for the automotive market

Brodmann17 creates highly efficient deep-learning products, while maintaining state-of-the-art quality. The neural-network models are  based on two main technology breakthroughs that have been invented and perfected by our research team over the past few years.

Brodmann17 novel neural-network inference

The world’s fastest neural-network

Brodmann17 has engineered core deep-learning algorithms from the ground-up and patented a new neural-network technology, that is based on weights and calculation sharing.  Brodmann17 deep neural networks leverage this technology to minimize the number of unique calculations within the NN such that a very significant number of recurring calculations may be shared between neurons. The result is a NN with identical accuracy, however with a much smaller number of calculations, enabling faster and lower power-compute networks compared to the standard NN approachg


standard solution

Standard single large pruned neural network


Brodmann17 patent solution

Weights & compute sharing neural-network


The main advantages


Significant advantage in runtime and power


Software only solution for any processor


State-of-the-art accuracy even on low power processors

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Brodmann17’s automated training platform - automotive grade

The world’s first automated deep learning training platform, specifically designed for automotive-grade.

Brodmann17 has developed a unique platform in order to swiftly bring automated driving  to the mass market.

Brodmann17 developed this comprehensive platform that ensures the best neural-network for any given challenge and processing power by optimizing the entire neural-network training process based on our IP: the data selection, parameter tuning, neural network architecture search (NAS) and deployment to target embedded processors for runtime benchmark


scale Brodmann17’s operations and improve complex process

The training platform was developed as a neural network production line to scale Brodmann17’s operations and improve the highly complex process of training and NN deployment that cannot be done at scale manually.


Performs methodological searches over thousands of servers simultaneously

The training platform  performs methodological searches and continuously re-iterates over thousands of servers simultaneously. As it is cloud-based, the platform is infinitely scalable, and the training process can be completed as quickly as necessary.


Reducing time to market and costs

The training platform’s automation removes humans and  lowers associated risks, while reducing time to market and costs.


cloud based, no privacy issue

The training platform is cloud based and access can be given to Brodmann17 partners to control and monitor their training process and solve privacy issue.

Our Automated Training Plarform in action