Prototyping with Broadmann17 ADAS technology
Experience High accuracy, low computing power ADAS

Brodmann17’s ADAS Prototyping tools demonstrate the quality of the deep-learning detectors and ADAS functionalities used for creating a great driving experience across different vehicles.

Starter Kit

ADAS start-kit provides a testing platform running on a low-power embedded processor with Brodmann17’s highly-efficient pre-trained deep neural networks and ADAS functionality tools. 


The Starter kit includes

Automotive camera, display screen, and Brodmann17 software

ADAS applications: FCW, LDW, and PCW

Hardware (automotive-grade): Arm, display, camera

Software: Linux, Supports deep learning perception with vehicle, pedestrian, and lane detection

Take the ADAS starter kit for a ride today!

Android application

An easy way to experience basic ADAS functionalities in a driving vehicle with no need for special installation or calibration



PC/Linux exectuble

Ideal for tests using recorded video and for reproducing test results. The executable creates CSV file for played videos.