Prototyping with Broadmann17 ADAS technology
Experience High accuracy, low computing power ADAS

Brodmann17’s ADAS Prototyping tools demonstrate the quality of the deep-learning detectors and ADAS functionalities used for creating a great driving experience across different vehicles.

ADAS Demo Kit

Brodmann17 capabilities of detection and ADAS functionality based

on our deep learning library trained on various conditions (weather, time-of-day, etc.) 

This demo contains a model supporting multiclass detectors which includes:


pedestrians, passenger cars, trucks, buses, vans, motorcycles, bicycles and more ,distance Estimation for target, Tracking Information


The kit includes:


Amabarella CV22
automotive grade camera with 52 deg lens

Brodmann17 perception software

Perception software:

Front facing mono camera (for ACC, AEB, LKA functions) 

Dual blind spot (for BSD functions)