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The best eyes and brains on the road

Brodmann17 provides the world’s most efficient solution with state-of-the-art accuracy for dashcams using any low-power commodity processors.

The solution is based on patented deep learning neural networks, built from the ground up especially for the automotive, offering top accuracy.

Brodmann17’s AI software is continuously improved with new data and has been tested on more than a million + miles of globally, highly diversified annotated data.

Brodmann17 software runs on common SoCs such as Ambarella and Qualcomm, at a fraction of the power compared with standard AI.

ADAS for your fleet

A set of fundamental building blocks developed with top automotive companies and designed for the industry’s toughest standards. These modules require just a fraction of computing power compared to any other solution available today.

VD (Vehicle Detection) Icon

(Forward Collision Warning)

Monitors the road ahead and alerts the driver of an imminent collision with other vehicles.

TTC (Time-To-Collision) Icon

(Headway Monitoring)

Monitors the distance from the vehicle ahead in sec and alert when the following distance becomes unsafe.

VRU (Vulnerable Road Users) Detection Icon

VRU (p)
(Vulnerable Roads Users Detection)

scans the road and sidewalks and alerts the driver of an imminent collision with pedestrians or cyclists.

Lane Departure Warning (LDW) Icon

(Lane Departure Warning)

Tracks lane markings on the road and alerts the driver whenever the vehicle unintentionally drifts from its lane.

Accelerating AI adoption for Fleet Management

Brodmann17 provides advanced AI (artificial intelligence) driver assistance software for video telematics service providers.  The software is running in road-facing cameras with visibility and context that only video can provide, such as vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, lanes, traffic signs and lights , distance and relative speed of the objects ahead.
With the information you can calculate time-to-collision to determine potential danger and warn the driver ahead of time. Fleet managers are now able to address drivers’ behavior, reduce insurance costs, and overall improve the fleet efficiency while reducing operation costs.

Enables driver scoring

Analysis of videos giving the capability to understand driver behavior better, allowing driver training, coaching, and performance improvement.

Optimizes video collection

Eliminates the need for large data uploads to the cloud and further non-automated analysis.

Reduce cost

Collision avoidance systems are critical to truly understand road-events. Only a camera can classify if a sudden break was a dangerous lack of focus or a safe response. Real-time, automated understanding of the video improves drivers behavior and safety, as well as reduces insurance costs and improves fleet ROI.

Automates precisely analysed

Video records of near accidents events.

Highest performance based
on low power processors

Enables retrofitting existing hardware platforms to the highest level of ADAS capabilities and reduce HW cost.

True edge solution

Using Collision avoidance system at the edge allows fleet managers to get real-time insights on the road without relying on cloud connectivity and data.

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