Brodmann17 Front Active Safety Software Suite

Comprehensive deep-learning perception software for forward-facing cameras

Brodmann17’s forward-facing camera is based on deep learning and groundbreaking AI, providing object detection & tracking, TTC estimation and full-fledged ADAS functionalities. 

The software solution is compatible with the most common automotive grade SoCs such as TI-TDA2, NXP S32V & Renesas V3H and can be integrated within days. The forward-facing camera supports a RGB/YUV mono-camera setup with resolutions up to 4K, with a minimum processing requirements equivalent for a Quad ARM Cortex-A72 cores. It is provided either as a full pre-trained solution or tailor-made for your specific setup, camera, and lens.

ADAS building blocks

A set of fundamental building blocks developed with top automotive companies and designed for the industry’s toughest standards. These modules require just a fraction of computing power compared to any other forward-facing camera available today.

VD (Vehicle Detection) Icon

(Vehicle Detection)

PD (Pedestrian Detection) icon

(Pedestrian Detection)

Lane Departure Warning (LDW) Icon

(Lane Detection)

VRU (Vulnerable Road Users) Detection Icon

(Vulnerable Road Users) Detection

Target tracking icon

Tracking of critical targets

Object Measurements Icon

Object Measurements

TTC (Time-To-Collision) Icon


OL (Obstructed Lens) icon

(Obstructed Lens)

Fully-fledged ADAS forward-facing camera functions

A set of Euro NCAP-compliant functions that rely on our field-proven ADAS building blocks and have been exhaustively tested to provide state-of-the-art performance in our forward-facing camera.


Forward Collision Warning monitors the road ahead and alerts the driver of an imminent collision with other vehicles.


Lane Departure Warning tracks lane markings on the road and alerts the driver whenever the vehicle unintentionally drifts from its lane.


Pedestrian Collision Warning scans the road and sidewalks and alerts the driver of an imminent collision with pedestrians or cyclists.


Adaptive cruise control scans the road and automatically adjusts pre-set cruise control speed in case of a slower vehicle ahead.


Autonomous emergency braking monitors the road ahead and automatically brakes without driver intervention in case of an imminent collision.


Lane keep assist tracks lane markings on the road and automatically steers the vehicle back into its lane whenever it unintentionally drifts out of lane.

TJA & Highway Pilot

Traffic jam assist and Highway pilot combine ACC and Lane centering to allow the driver to relax while the car takes the wheel. relieve the driver in traffic jam conditions.

Vailable reference designs:
To jumpstart your ADAS product you could choose from a variety of available reference designs: Ambarella CV22/2, Renesas R-Car V3H

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