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Current Challenges For Video Telematics Service Providers

There are many reasons why Video Telematics Service Providers (VTSPs) should use cloud-based perception software. Nearly every new telematics device deployed for a fleet application has a built-in accelerometer that monitors g-forces applied on the vehicle. These g-force inputs are translated into driving events such as harsh acceleration, harsh braking and harsh cornering.

These events are compiled to build a driver’s safety score, which is used by Telematics Service Providers (TSPs) and fleet managers to track, monitor, and train drivers to improve their driving habits. Other benefits are reduced vehicle wear and tear, reduced downtime, and improvements to the overall fleet efficiency.

Vehicles that are also equipped with dash cameras can be programmed to send video footage when driving events are detected. This video footage can be used by TSPs and fleet managers to draw conclusions about the maneuver – for example, to determine whether it was a justified action by the driver or if it was a last second reaction by the driver due to lack of attention to the road events around them.

The problem is that without cloud-based perception software VTSPs and fleet managers have a massive challenge every day on their hands – they have to manually analyze thousands of videos.

Brodmann17's Cloud-AI solution in Action
Using human resources to analyze video footage quickly hits a ceiling – it is simply unscalable while growth of a company continues. Reviewing thousands of videos daily introduces a new challenge for VTSPs and fleet managers, as the time taken for review, analysis and conclusions consumes many working hours that could have been used for other important tasks. Even if human capital for this onerous, ongoing, daily, basic task is outsourced, the analysis cannot be performed in real-time – this has an impact on the effectiveness of driver safety scores and coaching efforts.

Using human resources to review video footage is also prone to inconsistency, resulting in frustration for the drivers and creating exposure for negligent claims as the video footage was collected but misinterpreted, or even worse – not reviewed at all. One of the main problems with manual video analysis is false positives from the g-sensor triggers.

Whilst edge processing of video risk is advancing with each generation of camera, for units already in the field and/or where customers require lower cost, lower processing power cameras, data will continue to be cloud based.

Fundamentally, the commercial market is requiring faster and more accurate analysis of data for real time insurance and first notification of loss, privacy masking is a key legislative issue across many regions, and accurate driver scoring is increasingly important to enhance safety and reduce risk.


An Introduction to Cloud-Based Perception Software for VTSPs

Despite how powerful the current generation of edge processors in dash cameras are, only cloud-based perception software can perform the deepest analysis of video footage and provide a comprehensive analysis of every driving event performed.

In cases where the compute-power in edge cameras is extremely limited (due to bill-of-materials, shared resources constraints, or legacy cameras), a cloud-based application is the only solution.

Brodmann17’s VideoTelematicsAI:Cloud functions as an objective third eye. It is completely camera agnostic, analyzing any dash camera footage and providing instantaneous insights that are used to determine whether a driver’s actions and behaviors are justified, as well as perfecting the ability to provide accurate driver scoring.

Brodmann17's Automated Training Platform in Action

Dash cam footage analysis is performed by cutting-edge Vision-AI based deep learning technology. With Brodmann17’s patented technology, new events, such as rolling stop signs, can be easily added to the real-time analysis through software upgrades without interrupting the production analysis.

ADAS events such as Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), and others formed the core of the Cloud-AI solution, which was subsequently supplemented with additional event detections and information to better meet the demands of VTSPs and fleet managers.

Brodmann17 supports a complete end-to-end solution including both edge and cloud, through enabling the support of a simple camera install base as well as next generation smart cameras.

Brodmann17's Automated Training Platform in Action


Use cases for cloud-based perception software:

  • Enhanced driver scoring through analysis of driving violations and risk events
  • Reduction of manual interrogation of video events
  • Support’s First Notification of Loss (FNOL) and “Real-Time” insurance
  • Privacy masking
  • Long video review, where event notified but unknown timing.


Benefits of Brodmann17’s Cloud-based Perception Software


Comprehensive ADAS Maneuvers Review

Brodmann17’s cloud-based perception software analyzes and generates detailed information on every ADAS event performed by drivers, such as forward collision warning, headway monitoring warning, stop sign compliance, rolling stop, lane departure, and other important events.


Saves Administrative Time

Reviewing thousands of videos manually requires a massive amount of human resource. Cloud-AI provides the solution as it analyzes any number of video files simultaneously and provides accurate conclusions on ADAS events. This saves fleet managers and the company in general valuable resources and enables them to focus on other important tasks to grow their business.


Supports Every Dash Camera

Brodmann17’s VideoTelematicsAI:Cloud delivers consistently high-quality output for video footage generated by any dash cam manufacturer (new and even low-end legacy cameras), installed in any vehicle type (Car, SUV, Truck, etc.), in any location, length, and resolution.


Enhances Driver Safety Score

Every ADAS event, such as a forward collision warning (FCW), provides valuable information about a driver’s behavior. For example, did the driver respond appropriately to an unexpected event, or was the event triggered by lack of driver attention? Event specifics that are used as inputs to the safety score can lead to a better coaching program for a quicker improvement of the driver’s behavior.


ADAS AI solution - showing Driver Safety Score

Several leading video telematics companies, such as Thinkware, are already using Brodmann17’s solution and this trend is set to continue.

Brodmann17 VideoTelematicsAI:Cloud – Solution Details

Brodmann17’s cloud-based perception software is a Docker-based solution designed for installation in any cloud-based platform no matter whether it’s Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, or another and supports both CPU and GPU-based environments.

Several integration options can be supported – for example, either directly to VTSP cloud or via a third-party partner which provides cloud video processing services. Cloud video processing supports videos from any dash camera – even low-end legacy cameras

The Cloud-AI can be easily orchestrated and scaled out to support the growing needs of any business.

The Cloud-AI delivers instantaneous ADAS insights from video generated by any dash camera, from any manufacturer, in any length and resolution with minimal TCO (total cost of operation) per video.


How Brodmann17VideoTelematicsAI:Cloud works

How Brodmann17VideoTelematicsAI:Cloud works


The ADAS insights INCLUDE the following event types, designed for TSPs and fleet managers to optimize their drivers’ scoring ability:

  1. Forward Collision Warning
  2. Headway Monitoring Warning
  3. Solid Lane Departure Warning
  4. Stop Sign Compliance
  5. Traffic Lights Compliance.



Brodmann17’s cloud-based perception software solution for VTSPs includes the following features and benefits:

  • Uncompromising accuracy of event analysis
  • Fully comprehensive insight feature-set
  • Numerous videos can be analyzed simultaneously
  • Video processing on the cloud so it supports videos from any dash cam, even low-end legacy cameras
  • Optional lightweight AI on the edge provides the ability for initial video-based pre-filtering
  • Quick to deploy and highly scalable
  • Leverages video footage to provide insights for vastly improved driver coaching
  • Exonerates and improves driver retention
  • Automotive-grade ADAS specially developed for the video telematics industry.

Contact our team of experts to learn more about our cloud-based and other solutions for video telematics.

Brodmann17’s cloud-based perception software solution for VTSPs

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