Brodmann17 and EdgeTensor collaborate to deliver a complete camera-based Telematics AI driver safety solution.


Dallas, Texas USA and Tel Aviv, Israel – Brodmann17 and Edgetensor announced today their collaboration to bring to market a joint dashcam solution which will include interior driver monitoring (DMS) and exterior ADAS applications for fleet companies.

Merging the class leading accuracy of the Brodmann17 ADAS features with the high performance Edgetensor DMS solution gives the fleet service providers a complete solution, which will expedite their transition to the next generation dashcams and fleet management capabilities.

“This combined ADAS/DMS solution will contribute to increased road safety by reducing accidents and improving driving behavior” said Adi Pinhas, CEO of Brodmann17. With perception enabled cameras looking both inside and outside the vehicle, both driver behavior and external events can be monitored – and appropriate warnings can help mitigate potential problems and give the fleet operators the ability to improve their driver’s ability.

“Enabling the next generation dashcams with real-time and accurate edge-based ADAS/DMS solutions accompanied with event-based video analytics will provide fleet service providers a one-stop-shop solution” said Rajesh Narasimha, CEO of Edgetensor.


About Edgetensor

Edgetensor provides real-time state of the art Driver Management and Identification System software which detects driver distractions such as drowsiness and inattention along with detecting driver activities thus helping mitigate risky driver behaviors. Edgetensor’s proprietary state-of-the-art driver and in-cabin monitoring technology works on low-power hardware making
it accessible to the mass market. The cross-platform solution designed for Automotive OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers delivers high standards in terms of quality and performance.
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