Brodmann17 presents their new award-winning Wing Camera AI with Vision-AI object detection classification which will be launched by a leading Tier-1 in 2024


TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, 11 JULY 2022. Brodmann17, the leading provider of vision perception software is launching a wing camera with AI. It has been developed with a Tier-1 Automotive company who plan to launch it commercially in 2024. The solution demonstrates just how disruptive artificial intelligence, coupled with advanced camera systems, can be. Using the latest advances in deep learning technology and computer vision, the solution, will allow real-time blind spot object detection and classification to enable safe turn assist and lane keeping assist.

The AI powered wing camera will alert drivers by recording data of objects seen in the wing camera to greatly reduce the risk through driver notifications. This is a major enabler as it enhances real-time safety as well as analyzing driver behavior and the driving environment. In the commercial vehicle market alone, a key risk is the collision with vulnerable road users or vehicles when turning. In Europe there were almost 4000 cyclists and pedestrians seriously injured or killed due to accidents involving trucks. Of incidents where a truck has been turning across a cyclist path, it is identified that 72% of accidents were due to a lack of driver information in the blind spots.

Brodmann17 expects that running object detection AI on wing cameras to mitigate collisions can greatly reduce this number. Drivers will gain immediate notification of risk situations, where vehicles or vulnerable road users (VRUs) may be in their blind spots, supporting safe turning and lane movement. As such, this innovative technology will play a critical role in the future of the automotive industry to make driving more comfortable and safer.

 AI object detection & location, Wing camera & Driver blind spot screen
AI object detection and location, wing camera AI & driver blind spot screen

“Vehicle collisions must be avoided, and drivers need the greatest field of view and automated alerts wherever possible. Our solution is a real game changer, as it will dramatically reduce accidents and improve safety. We’ll be revealing even more advanced features in the future.” Adi Pinhas, CEO of Brodmann17 commented. “We’re also proud of being chosen as the preferred supplier to add our perception software to the leading Tier-1 wing camera manufacturer and rewarded accordingly with a Global Innovation Award.”

Brodmann17 receiving the Global Innovation Award at Startup Autobahn expo 2022
Brodmann17 receiving the Global Innovation Award for their new Wing Camera AI product developed with their partner at Autobahn Expo2022 in Stuttgart

This new product also has the advantage as it complies with new regulation. In addition, it will reduce fuel consumption, as the bulky and heavy exterior mirrors are replaced by compact and aerodynamic camera modules.

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