Jungo and Brodmann17 Collaborate to Bring Driver Monitoring and ADAS for Aftermarket Devices


Netanya/Tel Aviv, Israel – Brodmann17 and Jungo Connectivity announced today their collaboration to bring joint driver monitoring and ADAS for fleet aftermarket devices with road and driver analysis capabilities running concurrently on the camera SoC, this collaboration enables TSPs and smart camera manufacturers to rapidly deploy smart cameras to the market. These features will include forward collision detection, lane departure, driver distraction, driver drowsiness and more.

The joint solution runs efficiently on common SoCs such as Qualcomm and Ambarella and is expected to increase road safety by reducing accidents and improving driving behavior. “The second generation of fleet management ADAS is going to be smarter than before with dual cameras looking into and out of the vehicle, fusing insights from both cameras for better understanding of the driver and vehicle. We are happy to partner with Jungo to deliver a full package to device manufacturers”, said Brodmann17 CEO and Co-founder Adi Pinhas.

“Fleets now understand human factors contribute to over 90% of accidents, requiring innovative solutions to prevent or reduce such accidents”, said Ophir Herbst, Jungo CEO and founder.
“Jungo’s partnership with Brodmann17 allows fleets to implement smart cameras that alert both on the driver behaviour (as the root cause) such as distraction or drowsiness, and also on the
result such as front vehicle collision or lane departure”.


About Jungo Connectivity Ltd.

Jungo is a global leader of in-cabin sensing AI software, offering CoDriver, an advanced driver monitoring and in-cabin monitoring software. Additional products from Jungo include its infotainment multimedia and connectivity software. Jungo technologies are deployed in tens of millions of cars to-date. Learn more: www.jungo.com

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