Thinkware and Brodmann17 collaborate on bringing high-end NCAP-certified deep learning-based ADAS aftermarket unit to the market


Thinkware, a world-leading dash cam brand, chooses Brodmann17 technology to enable Advanced Driver Assistance features for Thinkware’s next-generation aftermarket device.

Seoul, South Korea & Tel Aviv, Israel, March 12, 2020 — Thinkware Corporation, a world-leading provider of Smart Car technologies, today announced it has chosen Brodmann17, a mobility software company providing vision-based AI solutions for the automotive industry, to provide advanced deep learning capabilities for the Thinkware DS-1 ADAS aftermarket device.

The growing need to put driver safety first without compromising on cost or efficiency has led to a powerful combination of Thinkware ADASand Brodmann17’s deep learning solution. With the integration of Brodmann17’s proprietary low-power deep learning into Thinkware ADAS, the new generation of Thinkware ADAS will benefit from increased accuracy while utilizing the same hardware and compute capacity from existing Thinkware dash cam offerings.

“Brodmann17’s technology exceeded our expectations, in terms of agility and accuracy. The high performance based on the ARM Cortex Processor enabled Thinkware to improve our ADAS object detection capabilities without upgrading our hardware platform,” said Daewon Kim the Director for VC Development at Thinkware. Thinkware’s new generation of DS-1 integrating Brodmann17 novel deep learning was launched in early 2020. “It is gratifying to see Thinkware ADAS DS-1 now available to drivers. Bringing these potentially life-saving functions to everyone has been Brodmann17’s mission from day one”, said Adi Pinhas, co-founder and CEO of Brodmann17.


About Thinkware

Global IT Corporation THINKWARE was founded in Korea in 1997. Through consistent research and development in the field of smart car technologies, ‘THINKWARE’ has established itself as the market leader in various sectors such as dash cams, electronic maps, navigation, mobile applications, and tablet PCs.

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