Video Telematics AI: Edge for Waylens


Waylens created the next generation of Video Telematics AI for edge by integrating Brodmann17’s perception software into their edge cameras.

Waylens chose Brodmann17 to collaborate with, to deliver Video Telematics AI for edge cameras to provide perception software for their fleet management systems. Together the two companies will enable the deployment of Brodmann17’s automotive-grade ADAS and active safety solutions to vehicle fleets via the Waylens Secure4K device, and other innovative solutions powered by the Waylens Platform.

Waylens is a US company headquartered in Boston. It provides fleet-grade video telematics solutions with intelligent AI cameras, highly scalable cloud services, and simple integration. Waylens’ devices are available for fleets globally, with a focus on North America, Europe and Australia.

quote from Haowei Zhang, Waylens Co-Founder & CEO

Haowei Zhang, Waylens’ Co-Founder & CEO said, “Through our collaboration with Brodmann17, these precision AI models will now include ADAS and active safety for connected cars and vehicle fleets. We’re privileged to be working with Brodmann17’s extremely talented team and, knowing their track record of customer satisfaction, we realized this was an opportunity not to be missed.”

Waylens & Brodmann17's 4k camera
Waylens & Brodmann17’s 4k camera with edge-based AI


Adi Pinhas, CEO & Co-Founder, Brodmann17 said, “We are excited to have Waylens as a customer because of their shared commitment to deliver precision AI by extracting the most value from the camera for trusted data and decisions. An AI camera can detect events that other sensors are blind to such as tailgating, running red-lights and other potentially dangerous driving events. Adding our award-winning perception software to edge cameras should accelerate the mass adoption of ADAS.”


Brodmann17's Video Telematics Edge-AI Camera Developed for Waylens
Brodmann17’s Video Telematics Edge-AI Camera Developed for Waylens

Brodmann17’s Video Telematics AI for edge extracts the most valuable data from the camera and reduces false alerts for trusted decisions. The potential for cost saving through increased efficiency of fleet management, as well as improving driver safety, by extending ADAS into the video telematics market is endless.

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